Friday, May 27, 2011

Lawns Are For Mowing

While the patch of zoysia I keep on my front yard for my golf short game is still brown, the Kentucky bluegrass has finally starting taking hold. The recent re-seeding and the wet spring has sprouted into lush green that is now ready for mowing.

And yet people are already talking about cyclocross, or "Lawn Racing", as Shim derides it.

Mod got the cyclocross discussion started on Facebook this week:

I've been working on something special for CX season. It's about ready. Full zip, ankle to hip warm up tights

Really, 18 comments on cyclocross and it's not even Memorial Day yet?

Not to be outdone, Bryan Redemske dropped a cx bomb of his own:

Cronus CX built. And now I wait for my new shoes

Did anyone else catch that, or was I the only who detected a note of impatience from Bryan, who, having just built a top-of-the-line cyclocross bike, also has to go through the indignity of waiting for new shoes?

I've got two words for you, Bryan: boo hoo.

Now for goodness sake, can the two of you psychos show some constraint, already? Yes, yes, we all love 'cross. And as much as we're dazzled by your latest bike, shoes and zippy pants, cyclocross season is like four months away.

Oh what's the use. I give in. The truth is that I'm simply green with envy over Bryan's new bike and Mod's new duds. There, I admit it. I'm jealous. Yes, it's a cool bike. Enjoy it, Bryan. I wish I had one.

Oh well, I can probably afford to put in an order for the warm up tights.

Yes, you may even catch me wearing those warm ups on a cool summer morning. On that day, I'll zip up those full length jobbies, walk past the Madone, and choose to take my lawn rig out for a spin

At least for now, lawns are for mowing.

Happy Friday, everyone


  1. Awww, don't be jealous. You can ride on my handlebars if you want.

  2. and furthermore ...

    Shim decried lawn racing last year until his new XO-2 showed up. After that he spent a lot of time on the turf. Hmmm ...

  3. Well I'm envious of your Lawn Boy. Miss mine...

  4. The other conversation was Rafel proclaiming he was going to drop "Redemske" both going up ad coming down hills once cross season came around. There it's out there and we've got five month for the insults to fly.

    And Yes, I admit I enjoyed cross last year, and with the Rafel vs. Drama grudge match coming on I'm anxiously awaiting the cross show down 2011. Place your bets.

  5. Bryan, since both of us have hit a steel pole when our views have been obstructed, riding on your handlebars is tempting, but probably not the best idea. Thanks for the offer though.

    Oh by the way, Happy Birthday, pally.

    I miss my lawnboy too, Coach. That's a picture of one like my Dad has. It's like 27 years old and coughs up a sickening-sweet blue smoke cloud until it warms up. But it's been doing that for all of its 27 years. Once it got going, it really purred.

    Shim, cross season's gonna be fun indeed, especially if you're wearing your throw back kit. We got to get some more grudge matches going. What do you say, buddy? Mano-y-Mano?

  6. I'll give Rafal downhill, but the next hill he drops me on going up will be the first one.

  7. Redemske, didn't you come out for a CX practice last year? I seem to remember someone throwing themself under my wheel going into the first turn.

  8. Ha! Yeah, I remember that. I think that was Jonathan Neve.

    No, wait ... that was me, too. That might have been one of my first real race-like efforts on a CX bike, though. I'm at least 16% less sketchy now.

  9. You don't have CX bike, Brady? what was that yellow dealio you had on the Bacon Ride?