Friday, January 21, 2011

Meet The Frickers

Yesterday evening, I was getting prepared to ride home when I saw that Rafal had wall-posted a Facebook invite for Jonathan Neve to join him for an evening run.

hey dude noah and are going running tonight

Though I wasn't invited, a spontaneous thought popped into my head: flash mob! I quickly decided to join in on the festivities unannounced.

Having ridden the famous UP lunch hour ride with buddies Shim and Leah earlier in the day (image -->), I had plenty of warm clothes from my winter kit to ride over to Rafal's house. Fortunately, I also had a clean pair of sweat pants and running shoes for the run portion in my locker at work. So I gathered up my stuff, kitted up and rode over to crash their party.

The impromptu flash mob consisted of four people: Rafal, Noah, Jonathan and I. I suppose running five miles had something to do with the poor turn out. It was also after work on a Thursday evening and quite dark . And it was 4°F.

Not very many takers for a bike-run flash mob this evening.

Triathletes have a term for bike-run workouts. They're called, 'bricks.' Now if a bike-run is a brick, I suppose it follows that a brick completed in the winter would be a frigid brick, or a 'frick', and it's participants would be known as 'frickers'.

Now I could attempt to expand this section into a bad parody called, 'Meet the Frickers', complete with innuendos of how much fun it is to frick, how good it is for your heart and how the chics really dig it. (They may say otherwise, or attempt to get out of fricking by complaining of headaches, but trust me, they do really dig it.) Regardless, that 'Meet the Fockers' franchise has already run its course and we refrain from entertaining such vulgarities here on Wholesome Steel Cut Goodness.

But just in case, hey RedHourBen, I'm available for casting. And for cheap.

Happy Friday everyone.


  1. Now I know that Ben Folds song is actually about tri: "She's a brick, and I'm drowning slowly."

    That's why I don't do tri: all those bricks would make me drown. 'Cause I'm not a very *strong* swimmer....

  2. surprisingly there was no wind... that's one of my staple 4.5 mile runs

  3. When can I upgrade from full name to just first name (or derogatory nickname) status?

  4. Eric...I think you're spot on. You should go into business just spotting the tri references in Ben Folds lyrics.

  5. What about the Commodores "Brick House?"

  6. And if you fricks hammer beers down later, are you then known as Frick n Steins?