Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Coats are Yesterday's Burden

Katherine and I were in Denver for a four day weekend to relax and spend time with family. We were also hopeful for some sunshine and milder temperatures since Denver boasts 300 days of sun each year.

It was cloudy and snowed three of four days.

We're used to this in Omaha. We can go for weeks at a time without the sun. But Denver? It's rare when there are two days of clouds. So by day three, the locals were in full panic mode from the snow and cooler temperatures. The weatherman said to bundle up and wear hats and gloves because it was a 'chilly' 29 degrees outside.

That's balmy for Omaha.

We couldn't help but think that the snow followed us to Denver. Our egos were checked when I read that Omaha had some snow this past weekend as well.

So I've been doing some thinking about this dreary winter and it comes to this: I'm moving on. I'm through wishing for Spring's return and am now acting upon it. My first order to moving on is to dress accordingly. From hence forth, I will not wear a coat outside.

Go ahead, winter, take your best shot. From here out, my wholesome steel-cut mind will be focused on green grass, blooming tulips and a gentle southern breeze.


  1. Enjoy your trip to work tomorrow. Single digits and windy. Short sleeve weather for sure.

  2. Brady, I too am sending ma nature hints to get a move onto Spring. I brought my deck furniture back out of the garage.

    The first 40+ degree sunny day I will sit outside with shorts and a t-shirt. Well, for a few minutes at least.

  3. Hi Bob: I wore a woolie to the bus stop today. It was -6 F. I was overdressed.

    That's the spirit Munson. Don't forget the sunblock.

  4. That Brady is always a-thinkin'. Which reminds me of a little something-something I noticed a few years ago when my son had some friends over one winter night.

    For the record, teenagers NEVER wear coats, so Brady you ain't that special. But this evening, several girls came over wearing their HEAVY winter coats into our Basement where there kids were gathered. We chose to NOT have a walk out basement so there would be just one enter/exit point.

    Hmmm....what did they have in them coats?