Thursday, April 9, 2009

There is Nothing to See Here

Let's be frank: there was never very much to see here. But on the nudging of Munson, Redd, BikerBob and others (sorry Mom), I shall post something, anything, to get the monkey off my back.

Last night I joined the Trek Store ride. Present were Shim, Munson, Redemske, Lucas, EB, Webb, Pete, Matt and a few others.

We left the Trek LBS at 6 PM, and due to the lack of sunlight, modified the route by chopping off the run through Boyer's Chute and Ponca Hills. I regretted that. The wide open Boyer's Chute followed by the hills of Ponca are my favorite places to ride in this area. Sigh. Instead, we meandered back to N. Omaha along HWY 75, carefully picking a path through a shoulder smorgasbord of road kill: a wild turkey/buzzard/vulture looking thingy, raccoons, squirrels and squished bunnies. Tell the kids that the Easter Egg hunt is off. Poor little fellers.

Speaking of vultures, thanks to Lucas, Pete and Paul, there were plenty circling above during the sprint to Ft. Calhoun. As for me, I made the move to dig waaaaay down into the hurt locker approximately three miles before the actual finish line. Dang it! By the time came around to really turn it on, my eyeballs were filled with lactic acid. Um, (*snap*snap*) Check, please! Oh no, put your wallets away. I've got it -- it's my treat.

Yes, one fine day I will learn those rolling hills along N.78th ST well enough to know that there are two or three more climbs before the final sprint to 'Hoonerville kicks in. Until then, look for the domestique on the yellow bike to give you a really nice lead out.

The group ride was terrific fun. People were in good spirits and such. We had all kinds of friendlies yell at us, and a UHaul truck layed on the horn for a quarter mile after passing us. Gotta love those fans

There you go, Munson. I've posted something so people don't have to know about you peeing on the side of the trail anymore.

That's all I've got to say about that.


  1. Hello!

    your blog is feel good

  2. Hello Amos2526! If you think my blog feels good, you should get a load of the sensual stuff that goes on my twitter feed. Can't wait to have you and all the other Amos*.* users on board!

  3. Great response there Brady.

    Next week I will be at Trek for the ride. I'll probably alternate it just for variety.

    Your afternoon suggestion for this weekend also sounds good - weather wise. We'll see though. The woman and/or the family may want me to be present in the afternoons both days this weekend.

  4. Stop! Stop! Your killing me.

    Well done. Got me laughing.

    I should be starting most of the trek rides with you folks the rest of the summer. I have to be at my church by 7:00 each Wednesday, so I'll be leaving the group and turning right at 72nd street though. Oh well. My restricted schedule prevents me from riding with BM most Wednesdays.

  5. Amos is probably one of my favorite spammers. He makes me feel good about the content of my blog.

  6. Brady, I have gotten past my sore throat, chills etc..I'll be back next week. Munson, its good to see your club let's you pick which ride your going to do, I understand others don't get that choice. We should plan on 5:45 for one more week, I think next week we can get the whole ride in.

  7. Your pixel pushing skills amaze me! I can't wait to see the inverse of the modified no-Munson photo. That would be where you take the cut-out of discrete Munson and paste it everywhere else.

    I'm imagining Munson-business in photos like:
    at the grassy knoll in Dallas
    at the Jack Ruby/Oswald shooting
    at the Sea of Tranquility with Armstrong (Neil, not Lance)
    along the Tour de France as Armstrong whizzes by (Lance, not Neil)
    on stage with Obama at the DNC
    Etc, etc... see or search "Where's Waldo" for more ideas.

  8. Munson: Your comment is feel good.

    Bryan: Your comment is feel gooder.

    Shim: Glad to hear you're better. I'm planning on Wednesday night at 5:45.

    Thanks Scott. My favorite pixel crusher is MSPaint. It adds that completely cheesy look to this blog, which, as Amos2565 has already graciously labeled, is feel good.