Monday, March 2, 2009

Yard Sale

I ran home from work in falling snow this past Friday. The snowfall was light, but enough to garner a friendly warning from a colleague to "be safe". I was confident that I'd be fine. After all, I was a regular of this kind of cold & wet weather stuff.
Shortly after I took this picture with my camera phone, however, I hit a patch of ice veiled beneath the snow and was suddenly splayed out with pack and cell phone over the sidewalk along 53rd Street. Yard sale!

In snowy conditions, I typically run in shoes fitted with Yak Trax. On Friday, I didn't have them in pack of goodies. Still, with only a light dusting of snow, I didn't expect any troubles. I was fortunate that my ego was the only thing bruised.

Now I have a new rule: whenever the ground's covered in snow, I'll be wearing Yak Trax or screw shoes. Otherwise, I'll be taking the bus home.


  1. Dude. Dood. Duuuude. You are neither a yeti nor a wapiti, and have not been "intelligently designed" to traverse in snow. You were effectuvely smited by your creator to get some sense.

    Why do you think the ole Skipper* invented SUV's, Snuggies and Schnapps for winter?

    Burn some fossil fuels, come home to snuggle with Ms.Katherine in a new Snuggie, take a few pulls of the Peppermint Schnapps and you'll understand what being a real american is all about.

    *God (don't tell mom I used the vernacular during lent. SHAMEFUL)

  2. I disagree with the Murphini. One of the best times to run is in the snow.

    I, of course, am a big fan of the screw shoe. And the Skipper invented screw shoes, too.

    If you (or I for that matter) were a real toughie though, you'd still run bare footed in the snow like the Kenyans we used to train with in Boulder.

    Go with a warmed snifter of Brandy, too. Much better than Schnapps ( > BURP! <)

  3. Yard Sale Entrepreneur,

    First off, that snow was much slicker than some of the previous snows we have had. I went down a few times on my bike that evening.

    I did however run for an hour without as much of a slip. I think Yaktrax are a bad idea. I've learned how to run in the snow over the years (12) and I prefer it over anything else. It's easy on the joints and keeps you from slacking off. Ditch the Trax and trust your feet. Efficient running is key. If all else fails, run in the grass. It will make you legs stronger working them stabilizing muscles, too.

    You've got an efficient stride, stop with the photo sissy crap and get ahold of yourself!

  4. Yes, shame on you John. And as Brendan points out with the Kenyans, apparently humans are built to traverse on snow.

    And Lucas, I've been running in snow for five years now. This was my first fall. Until now, I've considered myself as sure footed as the best of them, so you can imagine my surprise when I hit the deck.

    I typically run on the center of the camber on (side) streets when I commute home from work. The fall occurred while I was cornering; there was a patch of ice beneath the snow that caught me as I was shifting weight. Lesson learned to be wary while turning.Yak Trax are an extra layer of security for such circumstances.

    So I have faith in my intelligent creator who's evolved me and my footgear to traverse in the snow. And by the way, snow running is not only more satisfying than SUVs or Schnapps, but it also heightens the snuggle experience with Ms Katherine.