Saturday, February 7, 2009

Salivation is Here

It was 61°F today in Omaha. Katherine and I took our dog Emmylou to the park to celebrate. The dog was quite excited about the warm weather and such. Nice goober, Emmy!


  1. Love the pic. Did you say the word, "M-c-R-I-B" just before hitting the shutter?

  2. It's almost that bad at McDonalds.

    Right before I took the snap, there were two strands of saliva that nearly touched the ground. I wiped Emmy's face after a toddler got off her bike w/training wheels and ran to the safety of her Dad's arms.

  3. so what's the big dang deal? I get ropy spit strings when I run, sometimes theyleave a spiderman-esque trail on my shirt when I spit but it comes out but doesnt un-attach and ropes on my shirt.