Friday, February 6, 2009

Bike by M.A.T.

I had a flat on the way to work this morning. Time was short. As I went to undo the quick release, I caught a glimpse of MAT #4 bus bearing down towards me. I took the path of least resistance. That was easy.

What a beautiful picture. I may leave this one up for awhile.


  1. Bend like the reed, don't snap like the oak.

    Well done. That's the advantage of riding along or near the bus route(s). One might not always such fortuitous timing, but in your case, it worked out perfectly.

    I keep a half-roll of quarters in my commuter bag for just such emergencies. I cross or ride parallel to the 32, 40, 15, 55, 11, and whatever else might be going down Leavenworth. Lots of options.

    Did you happen to locate the cause of the flat?

  2. Man. If only they'd let you sit on Ol' Yeller. That would be cool.

  3. Classic dynamic re-routing. Good job.

    um.....why not riding the Nishiki?

  4. Glass. I don't know where I rode over it. I was fortunate because it was at a point where I was about to depart from the #4 route for a couple miles.

    Katherine giggled when she read your comment, Fred.

    I didn't ride the Nishiki 'cause there was to be a fast ride at lunch. It ended up that I had too many fires to put out at work so I had to bail anyway.