Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Shabbos Time Trial

My triathlete friend Scott has proposed a Time Trial out at Epply this Saturday afternoon with beer and food at his Old Market apartment following.

I'm IN and will be wearing my heart rate monitor to get a good lactate acid threshold base test.

All are welcome...this includes YOU!

SATURDAY November 24, 2007: Time-Trial & Beer

1:00 PM
Meet at Delice's in Old Market. Drop off extra gear at Scott's apartment nearby.

Group ride to Epply Service Road for the start of the 9.3 mile time-trial (individual starts in one minute increments).

After the last finisher, maybe another quick loop as a group and then back to the Old Market to Scott's apartment for beer and food

2:45 PM

Post Time-Trial Showers, Beer, and Food

There are five riders in for sure. The more the merrier. I was thinking that it would be sweet to have a prize purse. Everyone could pay $5; we would put $1 of that in the prize purse for the winner and $4 in the Pizza and Beer fund.


  1. this seems like something I should do, but also something I have no business doing.

  2. I will be there. TT's are my specialty when I'm training. However, now, I don't have the fancy wheels or the TT specific bike with bar end shifters. Granted, that course will not warrant shifting much, but it still makes a difference.

    This will be interesting. I shall ride down and be there by 1pm. Should be fun.

  3. Just got back in town...

    Bryan: not sure I understand what you mean by having no business doing a TT. Come out. Hammer. It'll be fun.

    Munsoned: Great! I'll see you at 1pm. Between now and then, talk Bryan into it.

  4. Dang it! Sorry guys. I really wanted to be there, but I also really wanted to spend time with my little bro before he headed back to Pittsburgh. It'll probably be a while before I see him again.

    So if this TT event happens again, I definitely want to take part. Hope you guys had fun.

  5. Oops, ignore the name on the last post. It was my post, however I didn't notice that my little brother's wife had logged into her blog account and so I accidentally posted under her name.

  6. Alison and your little bro are also welcome next time. Probably do it again when it warms up in 2008 as Mr. Happy doesn't want to make any involuntary donations to the frozen sperm bank...