Friday, January 9, 2015

Yoga in My Team Kit

It's come to this. While some of my friends are down in Austin at Cyclocross Nationals, where it's reasonably warm -- balmy compared to the upper midwest -- I've been relegated to workout inside by riding the trainer, swim, and/or do group fitness classes. To be specific, in the past week, I've been on my rollers/trainer three times, gone to Omaha Masters swimming practice twice, and have done a couple core fitness classes.

And then there was the day that I did yoga in my team kit.

Shim sent me an SMS saying that he and Leah were going to be doing the Yoga class at UP's Fitness center over lunch. I replied that I'd join. But when I arrived at the gym, I discovered that I didn't have the appropriate attire in my locker. All I had was a (clean) cycling kit. For my regular readers, you know that I normally keep extra sets of clothing in my locker for such occasions. But as this was just coming off an extended holiday break, I was negligent about restocking my locker. So in short, I was left with a choice: 1) go back to my desk, or 2) don the spandex and go for it.

I chose the latter and got crap for it later.

As Leah points out, Shim is fine with wearing cycling clothing to yoga, so long as it's not a full kit, and he's wearing it. Good one, Leah.

Oh well, I didn't care. In addition to getting my downward-dog going, I was able to make a fine plug for my team, the great #trekbicyclestores #MWCC. Of course I would have preferred making that plug at the starting line in Austin today.

Happy Team Kit Yoga Friday. Thanks for reading.


  1. Style is a fickle little minx. Function dictates road bike specific shorts for road riding. When I started riding with LYCRA®, I immediately understood its value. I did not yet know about bib shorts (which of course are completely necessary). I just wore a t-shirt. I didn't think anything of it. Now if I went out for a ride like that, I'd feel like some Wal-Mart patron who thinks "These pajama bottoms are pretty much like pants that a person might wear out of the house." I'm saying, I'd never wear bib shorts and a t-shirt to go out for a bike ride. I'd either put a jersey on or wear regular shorts over the bibs.

    However. Bib shorts and a t-shirt is exactly what you wear to spin class. Last time I did a spin class (about 3 or 4 years ago) there was a guy there wearing the whole MWCC kit. I had on a twin 6 bib short and a t-shirt. I was embarrassed for him. I thought, "Jesus, where's your helmet?"

    A fickle, fickle minx.

  2. Please tell me you wore your helmet to Yoga. Having worked in the ER (with McDreamy), I can't tell you how many times we treated victims of the "Downward Dog gone wrong." Wear a helmet. Plus, put a "My name is" sticker on the front of it (strictly for ER I.D. purposes).