Friday, June 20, 2014

KOMs Gone Bad, Addendum

We all love to capture a Strava King of the Mountain segment. They're fun, and they say something about our fitness level. But that should be the end of it.

Risking limbs, or worse, should never be a part of the KOM discussion.

My last two posts (My First KOM, Earned the Hard Way, Gibson's Attempt at Danger Pass) have hopefully illustrated the futility of getting KOMs. If not, then read this account of a friend of mine who went down hard trying to take a dangerous KOM.

Edit (thanks Fred): Firstly, KOMs don't belong on public use bike/run trails. Ever.

It should go like this: if one gets injured while attempting to capture any KOM, then the KOM should be flagged as dangerous and removed from Strava. End of story.

That's hopefully the last I have to say about KOMs-Gone-Bad.

Oh and by the way, KOMs are really worth nothing.

There, I said it.



  1. I changed my mind. I'm not going to try to beat any of Lethal-Tri's Strava segments. If I succeed, he'll kill himself trying to get them back.

    All trail segments should be banned. Here's some tri-guy, travelling at 30 MPH down a sidewalk on an unstable TT bike. He only took himself out this time, but there are often children, dogs and old people (me) on the trail.

  2. Edit: I added your comment as part of the main text. I couldn't agree with you any more

  3. I've tried to flag every single trail segment in town, but since I more often ride bikes on surfaces that aren't sidewalks, I can't get 'em all.

    Flag 'em if you've got 'em, boys.