Friday, March 28, 2014


There comes a time when one must look at the diminishing returns and make a decision and then move on. It's okay. It's all good. I'm happy with my decision.

Looking back at all those miles covered, the distances traveled near and far; the toiling, the gruesome workouts, all made in an effort to produce what? A few precious victories and some hard-earned character?

I have no regrets. 

But alas, I see the signs of wear and tear. There have been countless nicks and cuts accumulated along the way. Even the skin has become spidery and craggy from the harsh elements, its suppleness long forgotten.

Aging sucks. At some point, it's time to hang it up. The timing is different for everyone. But eventually, each of us figures out when it's time to cut losses and move on.

Thankfully, when arriving at this point, one needs only to go down to your local bike shop and get a new set of training tires.

Whew! Retiring was never so easy. Wait, what did you think I was talking about?

This time I chose a set of 25c Continental Gatorskins for my training tires. It was either that, or convert a set of Bontrager Race TLR wheels to a tubeless clincher setup. But because my LBS only had 23mm Bontrager R3 tubeless tires in stock, I decided to stick with the traditional tire/inner-tube setup. Maybe I will make the switch to tubeless the next time I face 'retiring.'

Then again, maybe I should just really call it quits. For real. I mean it. Fold up my tents and get into video games or woodworking like Munson's Tyler Durden (Jon Randell) did.

Athletes like to go out while they're on top of their game. Otherwise, they may face regrets or consequences like Like Brett Favre, or Lance Armstrong.

For a more local example, take this text I received from Rafal a while back:

In other words, Rafal was pondering what's left to accomplish after beating Brad and Lee in last fall's StarCity cyclo-cross race. Rafal's got a valid point. The two he beat are among the best road (Lee) and mountain (Brad) bikers around here. To beat one of those guys, let alone both of them in the same race, is not just a feather in Rafal's cap, it's the entire peacock. Perhaps Rafal should have quit.

I also wonder if I'm at one of those crossroads. My form is coming back as strong as ever, as evidenced by this past Wednesday Night Worlds group ride:

That effort was good for not just any old KOM, but one of Jonathan Wait's prize possessions. That kind of big deal. Such an occasion requires no less than paraphrasing Rafal:

"beat wait in ft calhoun kom what's there left"

Bah, can I be honest with you? What's the use? We all know that KOMs are worth nothing and everything. Especially tail-wind and/or group ride assisted KOMs.

Yeah, pretty good. At any rate, I've got a lot of miles to put on these new training tires. See you out on the open road.

Thanks for reading. Happy Friday.


  1. "Even the skin has become spidery and craggy from the harsh elements, its suppleness long forgotten" If you smear a little mutton fat on the affected area, you may be surprised at how quickly the old suppleness returns. Also, it might be slippery so just be careful.

  2. You put mutton fat your tires? While that may return its suppleness, that will not prevent retirement. On the contrary, it may in fact hasten yours.

    By the way Fred. You of all people deserved this post. Remember that time a few months ago when you said you were quitting (again) to golf? YPG, you got me on that one, too. So there. We're even.

  3. Honestly - I was scared there for a minute. I had no idea how much to offer you for your power meter.

  4. Like that was ever on the table. To clarify, I re-tired my Bontrager Race Lite wheelset, not Shimtastic's Aeolus Crabon 5.0s (with the power meter). Shimtastic's wheels have Continental 4000s with lots of black chili compound left on them.

    Sorry pally

  5. No problem. I don't even want the stupid wheel. I was just trying to help if you needed an extra $250 or something. That's all.

  6. If any one was going to get that KOM, I'm glad it was you.

  7. Thanks JWait. Unfortunately, since writing this post, it appears that Shim has uploaded his workout from the same ride. He took the KOM from me

  8. Lucas did too. His topped Shim's

  9. By the way, Jordan won the sprint.