Friday, January 17, 2014

What To Do With Windy Days

With 50+ mph wind gusts in Omaha yesterday, my bike was grounded. On days like these, I'm happy that I have swimming that I can fall back on. I know I can always bank an hour workout in the indoor pool with my Omaha Masters swimming friends. It's either that, or pack my running shoes and run home from work. Not that anyone really cares, right, but I did that too.

But enough about me and my workouts. Let's talk about what Katherine likes to do on blustery days.

She likes to throw rubbish. Looky:

OK, that's a little joke. Katherine doesn't really throw rubbish on windy days. She doesn't condone that behavior, but she may fantasize about it from time to time.

You see in Singapore, the government is hypersensitive about maintaining a clean city. For this reason, Singapore passed the Control of Manufacture Act in 1992, banning the sale of chewing gum throughout the country. That's no joke. Today if you go into a convenience store in Singapore, you'll find lots of candy, but you won't find chewing gum in the aisle. In fact, the only way you can purchase chewing gum is if you're trying to quit smoking and have a script for nicotine gum. And that's locked up in the pharmacy. And they will take down your name.

Outside of that, you'll have to smuggle it in from somewhere else, like from neighboring Malaysia. True story: most Singaporeans do just that, keeping a private stash in their homes. Imagine what a pouch of Big League Chew would go for on the black market there! Anyway, if you do chew gum while in Singapore, just make sure you don't spit it on the ground. Littering is an offense that they take seriously. If you get caught, penalties are steep. They won't cane you, but they'll make your wallet hurt. They don't mess around.

The good news of all of this is that you'll never find a wad of chewing gum stuck under the subway bench. The bad news is that if you're really 'jonesing for some chewing gum, you'll never find a wad of it stuck under the subway bench, either.

Now, back to throwing rubbish. Singaporeans like to joke that on windy days they're free to throw rubbish without fear of reprisal. Why? Because the trash will swept up and carried away into neighboring countries Malaysia or Indonesia.

Only here, Katherine's rubbish would end up in Council Bluffs.Yay!

Yeah pretty good.

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