Friday, August 16, 2013

First Day of School

Instead of walking home from the bus stop at the end of my first day of kindergarten, I followed a classmate all the way to his house. I didn't walk with him, but hung back a few steps. I don't recall why I followed him. Kindergartners are curious little folk. I suppose I simply wanted to be his friend. So instead of heading north to my house, I followed him at an inconspicuous distance of about 10 feet. That's a nearly imperceptible span for a kindergartner.

At any rate, when he arrived at his house, his Mom opened the front door and asked, "Well, who's your new friend? Are you going to introduce me to him?"

The kid I was actively stalking spun around to see me standing at the foot of the stoop. With his jaw agape, he preceded to shrug his shoulders and say that he didn't know who I was.

We fixed that right then and there with proper introductions. Milk and cookies followed while Steve's Mom phoned my Mom. After dusting off the cookies, we moved on to teleporting Cpt. Kirk and Mr Spock on Steve's sweet turn-the-dial transporter/NCC-1701 Enterprise bridge playset. Cookies and milk and Star Trek? That sealed the deal for me.

The rest is history. Steve and I have been best friends ever since.

Happy new school year everyone.


  1. Which one's Steve (in the photo)?

  2. Steve is wearing a yellow and blue rugby shirt in the first row, second student from the left.

    Which one am I?

  3. Whatever. Other than the fact that you've lost a few pounds since then (mostly in hair weight) it's totally obvious to me which one you are. Even if I didn't know - I'd know by the "Brady Bunch" pants and belt.

  4. For those following along who aren't able to spot the kid with big hair and Brady Bunch pants and belt, I'm the kid in the brown shirt, white belt and, well, the Brady Bunch pants in the second row, second from the right.