Friday, June 7, 2013

Strava Social Finesse

I've been a Strava "social fitness" member for a few months now. I got my start thanks to my brother Brendan, who won a Garmin Forerunner 210 GPS watch while capturing a couple Crown (CR) segments during last year's Pike's Peak Ascent 1/2 Marathon. Already having a GPS device, he gave me the prize watch. Thanks Brendan.

While many have touted the benefits of social fitness, like being able to thump your virtual chest over all of Stravatia, many have not yet embraced the delicate, fine artsy side of Strava called social finesse.

Well this guy has. At the end of a recent Strava ride, I was feeling particularly giddy from a wind-assisted 29mph avg KOM effort on my TT bike (I'm looking at you Fred) along the Eppley Airport service road.

The apparent giddiness put happy pedals to work, resulting in my first Strava social finesse entry:

Cursive is the new calligraphy.

Yeah Pretty Good.

Happy Friday everyone

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