Friday, March 8, 2013

That Old Team Kit

That old team kit, the one with the faded colors, stretched hems, small tears and see-thru britches.

That old team kit, the one that once was draped proudly over flesh and bones -- strictly on race days -- and representing an entity much larger than the rider themselves.

That old team kit, stained in blood and sweat while closing the gap, chasing down attacks, and sprinting for all the glory.

That old team kit, once as fresh and vibrant as the day it was dyed with its team colors.

Ah, that old team kit.

Alas, its time has passed. Teams changed, designs refreshed, fabrics and cuts upgraded. The old has been tossed, relegated to training, or nearly forgotten at the bottom of a dresser drawer. 

Will our fate be any different one day? While our DNA does wonders at repairing and mending the wear and tear, we cannot escape this destiny. Each will end up not unlike that old team kit: haggard, stretched, sagging and faded.

Though the morning sun shines upon the open road, beckoning to take it in anew, let us first pause to honor that which has passed. That old team kit evokes stories and memories worth recounting.

Indeed. It's better to wear and wear out than to never wear and tear at all.


  1. Is this "old team" kit, or "old" team kit. Have you followed in Bryan's path to the Dark Side?

  2. In my mind, the sublimated MWCC colors have transferred from jersey to skin, like a lick and stick tattoo you might find in a Cracker Jacks box.

    I'm sticking with MWCC. Or they're stuck with me. Either way, that's how I roll.