Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Back From Vacation

 Katherine and I were on vacation in Texas this past week.

The first half of the week was spent helping move a friend from Omaha to Houston. We rented a car, packed it full of stuff and drove down Monday. It took the better part of 15 hours. We got a late start on Tuesday, then helped get settled in. The next two days were spent in Houston.

While in Houston, I was able to jump in with the Rice University Masters swimming team.

Rice University's Swimming Pool
While the team size and coaching was similar to what I experience at Omaha Masters, the pool atmosphere was much different. For one, the Rice Masters team swims in an 8 lane, 50 M Olympic sized pool. It's also an outdoor pool. That means that in the winter months, the Rice swimmers start morning practice under a canopy of stars in the dark of night. Only the pool is illuminated from within. It was like swimming in Sea World or something. That was wild. And with an outside temperature at 50F , the chilly air on one's skin and in one's breath made for a much different tactile experience than swimming in an artificially lit and heated indoor natatorium.

I also brought my road bike to Texas. I found that riding a bicycle in Houston was a frustration experience. Granted, we were in the heart of downtown/galleria area. But still, other cities manage. Houston's congested roads and aggressive motorists made for a hostile and dangerous cycling environment.

Fortunately, we also spent a couple days in San Antonio, and that was a delight.

If you have an opportunity for a road ride, do the 20 mile Historical Missions loop. While there, see about visiting the Alamo's basement. Tell them that Pee Wee Herman sent you.

Our final day was spent at Padre Island. The forecast called for sun and warmth (80F), but what we got instead was 50s with clouds and strong winds. That didn't prevent me from plunging into the churning tempest for a dip.

I made sure to bring my gun show along with me when I did. It was Texas, after all.

So there you go. You made it through the dreaded vacation slide show. Congratulations.

Now I hope that you can forgive me for not posting last Friday. Interestingly, what I found was that in my absence, a couple other blogging newbies have stepped forth and delivered their own perspectives.

One is from teammate Jonathan Wait.

The other is Shim. Oh boy. Fred's gonna like this one. I sure did.

Happy Tuesday everyone.


  1. Yeah - Houston usually gets some of the lowest marks in the country for cities promoting fitness or something.

    I cannot describe the humbling honor of having Shim come out of 5 years of blogging retirement to "Al Yankovic" the shit out of me. My eyes are watering a bit. I admit it.

  2. Cube, what was your favorite Weird Al song?

    1. Never mind I figured it out


    2. Well, I would have said 'Amish Paradise' but this will do.

  3. Oops. Typppo. Oh well. You get the idea.