Friday, October 12, 2012

Bring Me a Bucket

I've reached a new low.

This past Wednesday evening, I rode my Madone to KFC to buy a bucket of fried chicken.

As in finger lickin' good.

Anyway, I don't think the good folks at the KFC on 40th and Dodge had ever seen a high end road bike parked outside their door. They sure liked my fancy road shoes, though.  Even said so.

"Those are some fancy shoes there."

"Thanks.  They're made for my bike pedals. They clip right in, locking shoe to pedal."

"Ha ha ha, that's funny. Regular or extra crispy?"

Funny was those fancy carbon fiber road shoes on greasy KFC floors.


  1. Please tell me it was Regular. And by the way - I think they could just call it "Regular or Crispy". Or switch Crispy to be the one they call Regular and call it "Regular or Extra Soggy." I'm kind of a marketing savant.

  2. Did you eat it all there?
    Did Katherine think KFC should be KCF?
    (Kentucky Chicken Feet)
    How did you get a bucket home on the Madone?
    Didn't Lance ride a Madone--so---are you hiding your EPO inside of fried chicken?
    Can you tell I'm sort of procrastinating but not writing about the stupid surf-guitar-rockabilly-Sioux Fall legend that Hinsley is always talking about?

  3. It was extra finger lickin' soggylicious (regular), Fred.

    "Bring me a bucket" is what Katherine said. Not in those exact words, but more or less the same. I got the bucket home by riding one-handed. At a stop light at Saddle Creek and Farnam, a lady validated that was indeed a bucket of fried chicken I was carrying. No worries Kent McNeill, I wasn't wearing the MWCC team kit.

    As for Lance & EPO, I'm unsure if any of Colonel Sanders 11 herbs and spices are among the banned substances, but I'll let you know if I lap the peloton anytime soon.

    Dude, don't you be knocking on Charlie Burton round here. Show some respect.

  4. Today I was thinking more about the wisdom of Mr Mojo Risin':

    You men eat you dinner. Eat your pork and beans.
    I eat more chicken any man ever seen.