Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cross Noob

Thanks to an offer for a cyclocross frame, fork and headset that I couldn't refuse from Mike Miles, I'm in the planning stages of building up a new bike.

* Cantilever brakes: looking to purchase

* Gears: 1x9 single chainring or a double crank?
* Wheelset
* Tire size and brands

Race Calendar
While my calendar is sketchy for Omaha's cyclocross weekend, I'm not counting out racing in KC or Des Moines. Please share any comments, tips, and must-do races.


  1. Cool.... sounds like a fun project.

    I need to try cyclocross one of these days. But then I'd have to do a bit of running again...ugh!

  2. Brady let me check tonight, I might have some brakes for you and maybe a wheelset

  3. Practice jumping off your bike, picking it up and running with it, then jumping back on it. Practice more and more until you realize there may not be a dumber sport anywhere. Also, film your practice sessions so you can analyze just how ridiculous you look.

    Of course I'm joking. Cross cycling is a big huge blast. Good luck.

  4. I thought you did pretty good on Old Yeller when you dismounted in Mandan Park on Sunday and hoofed it up the hill with Yeller on your shoulder while the rest of us slogged up the switchback.

  5. Agree with Scott, that is exactly what a cross race would you: put you on a point where you'd have a tough hill, wooden barriers, or a sandbox to run over with bike on shoulder. If you can get used to that, you should have a good time. I have tires you could have. Oh, and possible brakes. Maybe not a complete set though.

    I would suggest the 1x9 setup also. There's no real need for a large chainring when you're just starting out since riding through the grass is going to put you in your small chainring anyway. Just slap on a 42 on the front and call it good. In fact, Bryan may have one from his single speed carbon bike project. Correction, I may take my crank back from him and give it to you since your bike will probably get built compared to his.

    Ok, I'm done rambling now.

  6. Brady i have some brakes for a cross bike. I also have an FSA crank too, the threads are stripped so once you put it on it's a hammer to get it off. Also a pair of Rolf Vector paired spoke wheels too. There yours for pickng on Shim as much as posible !
    I'm at the jmaaske at thingy on cox

  7. 1x9, although you could probably race SS and smoke the cross-phreds.

    MTB shoes with cleats for the running parts.

    I have pity for the fools you are competing against because I believe you'll be eating thunder and crapping lightening in their general vicinity. I recommend Chipotle Black Bean burritos....

    Cross is by far the most fun bike racing I have ever done. The effette shaved leg euro-trash roadie crowd meets the wookie-sticked nuckle dragging neanderthals and all drink beer afterwards.

    ( offense to any gentle readers of this fine blog was meant by that last comparison)

    You'll be a natural.

  8. i would go with single speed as well but then again i might be biased :D and i don't know what kind of frame you have