Sunday, May 10, 2009

Intervals with Team Nebraska Triathlon

Training for an upcoming sprint or an Olympic distance triathlon? Want a quick way to improve your next 5K or 10K race time? Gunning for a P.R? Or are you simply looking for a fun group to do some speed work with?

Interval workouts are a terrific way to increase your running efficiency. With better efficiency, you'll be able to carry a quicker pace longer, more comfortably.

In Omaha, one place to do this is with Team Nebraska Triathlon's (TNT). The TNT group meets May - October Tuesdays at 5:45 PM at UNO's Caniglia Field. The practice is organized by TNT's Gerald Kubiak. All are welcome.

Each week's workout consists of a light two mile warm up, foot drills, a main set of three miles of intense speed with active recovery (light jogging) and a group cool down. In all, a total of about 8 miles.

Warm Up
2 miles easy
Foot drills

Main (Fast group goal: 80 sec per 400m)
1st Tues: 12 x 400m w/200m recovery
2nd Tues: 6 x 800m w/400m recovery
3rd Tues: 4 x 1200m w/600m recovery
4th Tues: 3 x 1600m w/800m recovery

Cool down
1-2 miles easy

So here's your invitation: come out and join the group.

See you at the track on Tuesday.


  1. Not one of your more entertaining posts!

  2. Geez: boring. If I want to listen to some blowhard talk about training, I'll read more Chris Charmichael wax redundantly* on training Lance. Bring back Ben Hur. Fetchez Les Vache, the Joy of Cycling...

    Good god man, where are the Snowdens of yesteryear?!!?

    *repeaded redundancy. Read Lance Armstrong's War for a great account of what CCharmichael is like...