Friday, November 14, 2008

Nathan Reflective Vest

You guys made great points about being seen in the dark.

So on yesterday's ride in to work, I busted out my Nathan Jr vest for extra visibility. I originally got this thingy ($12 at Dick's) for night time running.

Until I upgrade to a high visibility windbreaker with detachable sleeves, the re-cycle of this reflective tunic and upgrades to my life insurance policy is money well spent for Ms Katherine.

Oh and one more thing. The bonus of the wearing the Nathan Jr vest is that Shim makes fun of it. Hey Shim! I'm wearing the crossing guard uniform I stole from your kid's school!

Anyway, I'm off for Bryan's Cranksgiving Omaha tomorrow. Have a good weekend everyone and ride safely.


  1. If you were cool like Brendy talks, but never does, you would have hooked up one of these . I would so totally buy one of those.

    Actually, there should be an easy flashing vest like my Pearl Iszumi booties flash. Invent that and you'd be the shiz.

  2. I'd like one of those. Brendan, do you think you could re-wire that LCD clock you built in your high school physics class for this purpose?

    I'll give you that crisp fiver plus a nice shiny quarter for a tip. Thanks in advance.