Friday, July 25, 2008

Cornhusker State Games Triathlon

The Cornhusker State Games Triathlon is this Sunday. It's my second triathlon of the year, but a vastly different race than the long course event I did earlier in the Spring. This one's a maximum burn sprint.

Where: Holmes Lake, 70th and Normal Blvd Lincoln, NE
When: 7:30am Sunday, July 27 2008
Swim: 750m
Bike: 20K
Run : 5K

The swim is triangular course in Holmes Lake. The three-loop bike course is boxy (mostly right turns) with a couple short hills of medium grade. The run is out and back on a crushed-gravel trail with one hill.

The Competitors:
Omaha cyclists will recognize current Cat3 racer and former triathlete Mark Brackenbury. He put four minutes on me at last week's TT. Ouch! When not on the bike, he cross trains by running and swimming. Look for a strong performance.

And then there's CAT 1-2-3 rider Morgan Chaffin. Her fearsome attack on the bike can make grown men cry. Oh, and she's great swimmer, too. She's going to do really well.

As for triathletes, former Cornhusker State Games Triathlon champion (2006) Scott Bredehoft will be there, as well as contenders Lukas Marshall, Scott Bowen, Jorge Zuniga and Andres Traslavina to name a few.

Enough of the talk, let the hammerfest begin!


  1. Holy Crap! I know Andres. We were both resident advisers of Mantor hall at University of Neb. at Kearney!! I've seen him just once since those days in college: '97-'98. I had no idea he'd gotten into sports. That's awesome! if you get a chance to talk to him, ask him if he remembers a crazy (long haired back then) red head named Mike. Actually you should probably make sure he was an RA at UNK first just in case there's another Andres Traslavina running around Nebraska.

    Good luck to you sir! Crush the competition on the bike leg. You can do eet!

  2. All this hammer this, crush that.....Brady, do you issues that you need to work out?

    That being said, I wish you the best, hope you do what John Matuszak exhorted his teammates at the end of the prayer scene in North Dallas Forty.

    Go get 'em Jim Bob....
    Gonna eat him up

  3. brady went fast today. really fast.

  4. this is bryan, not chris. I'm too lazy to log out.

  5. How fast is really fast!?!? Curious minds want to know. Update, I tell ya, Update!

  6. I'm curious about how fast is really fast, too. Lemme think about that one.

    Officially, I was the Championship heat bronze medal winner. However, I was also 6th place overall. An explanation and post-race thoughts to come later.