Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Commute to Work by Bike

Extension of Bike to Work week: come join Derek and I for a commute to work by bike tomorrow morning!

Meet at Dr. Donut's on 72nd and Pacific

6:15 AM, Wednesday May 21st

72nd and Pacific to 1400 Dodge

The route along Leavenworth is a good choice because of its wide shoulder and moderate hills into downtown. My primer is here.


  1. Well crap. If your meeting time was 30 minutes sooner, I'd be all over those donuts. I have to be at work and ready to go by 6:30am, so I cannot attend. I will have already pedaled along some of that route though(between Saddle Creek and 42nd on Leavenworth).

    Have a glazed one on me. Wait, that sounded really bad...

  2. I'm hoping for my first entrance into the Wednesday night group ride from the Trek store at 6. We can catch up then.

  3. Double crap. I'm all geared up to ride off road tonight - meaning I'm on my single speed mtb bike. I was gonna head down to Swanson right after work and put a couple laps in then ride home. If I do that, I'd be home by 7ish, whereas if I do the Wed night ride, it'll be 8:15 before I get home.

    Um, uh, crap, I can't decide which to do. Off road is way more fun than getting dropped multiple times. However, doing the road ride more often will lead to not getting dropped. As often.

    If you can convince me to ride home from work, change clothing options and hop on the road machine, I might think about joining in the misery. But it would take a lot of convincing.

  4. Dude. You've got a chance to ride with Steve Lemans and you consider passing? Your priorities are whacked.

    Come on and ride. It'll be fun.